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{M!A: A child for three days}

AN UNFORTUNATE HIATUS: Due to lack of internet at home I probably won't be on for a while... not that I've been on much in recent months to begin with... =.='' I might work on some of my drafts if I have time but honestly most of them have been left there for so long I doubt anyone wants them anymore... >.<


Aaannd, now it’s a three-bee.

Kazama neither needs nor wants to watch this so he’s gonna scuttle off for a bit and plan a certain dog’s death

I’m sorry papa. we’ll raise ‘em good.

You’re not sorry at all you little shit, but you will be when Kosuzu and Okita hear about this…! Or when you’re in labor. Whichever gets to you first.


Not if Papa has anything to say about it!

ibuki-ryunosuke asked
fuck you.


let’s get to it


Who said you could do such things with my baby boy?!

I think the most important things anyone can do are pay attention to what people are asking for, and treat the genre and its fans with the same respect anything else gets. I think there’s sometimes a tendency to dismiss otome games as just “Oh ha ha pretty boys”—which, to be fair, is something I’m probably guilty of from time to time—but a lot of them have plot and character depth that put other games to shame. They get pushed to the side or made fun of a lot, likely because gaming is still kind of a boys club, but my hope is that as they become more and more common otome games will get the same treatment in terms of coverage, marketing, and discourse that our other story-heavy games like 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward do.

Ben Bateman, Aksys Games editor (and probably one of the coolest dudes in the industry).

I’m so glad this was said, and I’m glad it was said on Siliconera, since both readerbase and staff alike seemed to not really grasp that a couple of months back when it was brought to them. It’s a valid and true point — and something that needs to be remembered. 

From the industry. AND FANS OF GAMES, FROM ALL GENRES INCLUDING OTOGESince apparently fans can’t even respect the characters enough to treat them with dignity half the time.

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